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Default Feature suggestion: savegames!

So even though i want to play wolfpack a lot, i rarely do. And that is because of one reason: i simply can not find the time. The game is just not worth starting if i know i just have 20-30 minutes to play. In that time you can gather some information about the enemy and when it is time to get into position and attack, you have to abort mission because of real life reasons.
Also there is really no room for errors: You play for an hour, gather everything you need, get into position...and then you get spottet last minute and everything is lost. Now what? Restart the mission and try again? No, because it is already 10 p.m. and you have to get up the next morning...

So in my humble opinion there is one (hopefully) simple solution to this problem: savegames! Because then i would be able to play 30 min. gather info, next day i would play another 30, get into position, netxt day i finally attack...
Also i wouldn't mind to get spottet and being forced to crash dive five times in a row and get into position again, because i can always continue the next day.
And i don't think i am the only Kaleun with a limited time shedule, am i?

Now i would like to propose two solutions, which are hopefully not too hard to implement:
Nr.1: Let the host be able to save and load his game. The other players can always rejoin or even change next session.
This is simple but allows players to cheat of course. If you fail an attack you could reload and fire again, i know. But in the end it is the players responsibility to not take their own fun away from the game.

However Nr.2: Add another checkbox to the game right next to bots and simplified radio etc.: Autosaves!
And if set to yes, then the game saves every 30 minutes or maybe after a time the host may choose. Not being able to save manually but still saving at reasonable times would solve the cheating problem.

Yeah... i really hope you like my ideas. Or maybe the devs or the community will come up with something better. But savegames are needed for every Kaleun who has children or a time consuming job or whatever reason that stops you from playing multiple hours in one session.

Thanks for reading!

Chris Phoenix
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