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Bilge Rat
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Default Game Jam Subsim

Hey All,

My name is Ellen and I just wanted to drop a link here in case anyone is interested in a browser-based multiplayer (PvP) modern-ish subsim. I built it with a friend for a game jam in 16 days, so saying it's rough around the edges is pretty generous. But it's functional and we suspect the sonar modeling is fairly good compared to most sims out there because we're using bellhop under the hood to propagate sound between players, countermeasures and torpedoes.

This sim may or may not receive updates. My friend and I are very tired because we worked on it for 16 days straight, more or less. I have a pipe dream of building a VR subsim using this backend, so that'll probably be what I work on next.

I'll try to keep this updated if I change the URL, but for the time being you can find it here.

I'm planning on releasing the source under an open source license if anyone's interested in that. Gotta get clearance to do so from my employer first though.

Oh and the last thing is that there is no single player mode. I don't understand ASW tactics well enough to write a decent bot, but maybe I'll get there eventually

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Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default welcome aboard!


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Onkel Neal
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Very cool, thanks for posting and welcome aboard.
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