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Default Regarding SH 4 install

Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
Welcome to SubSim Stefos! The 'modern' Windows OS is very 'jealous' of certain areas of its hard drive. Do NOT install SH4 into a 'protected' area such as Program Files (x86), which is the default location in the game's installer. You can refer to CapnScurvy's Windows10; Large Address Aware; SH4 Install, where he discusses his Windows 10 install and update, Silent Hunter 4 install, and the use of LAA. You could probably drop down a couple of clicks in the page scroll gutter, down below where his picture of the Windows Settings page is, and start reading from about where he says:

"Two things need to be stressed before installing the game.

First, allow Windows 10 to update Automatically to get the latest updated files.

Secondly, keep your Silent Hunter game install out of either the "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)", or the "ProgramData" folders. The reason is to avoid the handicap Windows uses on us when a program/game is defaulted to install in one of these folders. Windows won't let you change the properties of the program/games loaded in these folders because it thinks you'll screw something up. Or, it tries to prevent computer corruption if these programs are changed in some way. If your planning to add content to your game (like a modification through JSGME, or JSGME itself, or a memory helper like LAA)'re changing your original game files. Believe me, this old game didn't expect to be treated like a "problem waiting to happen" by the don't install it in these folders. You'll not need to change the game files to "Run as Administrator", or any other setting, if you just install it as follows. Newer programs/games that are designed to work with Windows 10 are fine to be installed in these folders.....but not older ones.

Once you have the game installed elsewhere, you should be able to run it OK, but you definitely need to get the install to at least the v1.4 update. There are a few (just a few) updates available for v1.4, and most mods out there are for v1.5 Uboats. But, there is still at least one regular member on here who still uses his v1.4 regularly...

Thank you for your kindness gentlemen......I will retry installing this game.

What a pain in the neck on Win 10.............oh man.
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