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Welcome to Wolfpack BdU Campaign!

Pick a flotilla, and start a thread in that flotilla's Join Here forum stating the following information. Be sure to have created an account on Discord!

1. Your Discord name and whether you are a boat skipper or crewmember.

2. If you intend to be a crewmember, you must provide the Discord name of
your skipper so you can be assigned correctly.

3. If you intend to be a skipper, the Discord names of at least 2 willing crewmembers to bring with you - you must bring AT LEAST 2!

See example posts in the Join Here forums!

If you are NOT part of a crew already, then post in the Looking for Boat
forum and you may be picked up by an existing crew.
Wolfpack BdU Campaign - Join Us!

One-Stop Targeting Shop:

My Retranslation of the U-boat Commander’s Handbook:

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