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Default Torpedos on Destroyers & Battleships in WWII

I'd like to gather information about how many torpedos were carried onboard destroyers and battleships in WWII. Generally it's quick to get information about the number of torpedo tubes, their size and their placement on the ships, but not about how many unloaded torpedos in reserve were carried by the ship to amount for the full nr. of torpedos transported by the assets; that overall number is often neglected in documentations.

For example:

The American SS New Mexico BB had 2 tubes mounted submerged in the hull, 2x Mark 15, 21" torpedo tubes. But how many torpedos overall on the ship?

The American Clemson destroyer had 12 torpedos and 1 side-mounted torpedo tube. All clear for me here, also for the most DDs in WWII.

British heavy cruiser HMS Kent (54) had 2 quadruple 21" tubes surface-mounted, so my guess is that the ship carried double as many torpedos compared to SS New Mexico above, but how many exactly?

Japonese destroyers, BBs, cruisers
While I can get infos about wether torpedo weapons were fitted, again, question is how many torpedos overall these assets were transporting.

Any feedback or link to some relevant documentation is highly appreciated.
Thanks very much,


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A) seems each tube had six reloads

C) Seems all the tubes were removed pre-war for the Kent subclass and during war for the London subclass.

D) Wikipedia might be a good resource for this information as well

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