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Default Enemy detects wire break

Hello there,

I apologize beforehand if this issue was brought up before.
I've tried a few encounters in the 1968 campaign and noticed the enemy clearly reacting to me manually cutting the wire in order to launch a fresh wired mk37 to keep victor busy. when the wire is on, victor will run in a straight line. As soon as i cut the wire he/she turns immediately 90degrees and slows down, presumably to establish contact and launch.

Victor can't possibly hear the wire (cut) right?

Im using dotmod on realistic, but i think i remember the same on casual difficulty.
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This would explain a lot, actually. I've seen similar behavior the last time I streamed. If a torpedo still has a wire, running straight from it I suppose would be the best course of action - burn down its fuel as much as possible before you have to start evading. I guess the logic is that it's rather easy for us humans to spot that the AI is still wire guiding a torpedo - it heads on an intercept course for you and follows your turns. Perhaps it would be better to delay the AI's behavior of seeing your wire guided torps for several more seconds - it would take a little while to judge the behavior as opposed to immediately noticing it on launch.

One could argue the AI's sonar detects the torpedo as a known wire-guided variant, but again the player has no such ability (besides looking at it with the 3D camera).
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