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Default Updates!

Hello everyone,

If you haven’t received our best wishes for 2022 yet, here you go! All the best from the Crush Depth team to you and your loved ones! We’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks and have some very exciting things to share with you in this update.

The U-Boat.

We’re continuing to make good progress on importing and implementing the components of the firing system, as well as the rest of the U-Boat interior. We’re moving away from the proof of concept version you can try out in the current state of the game, and transitioning more towards a ‘final’ version of the U-Boat itself. I have to say that ‘final’ never really is final, as it’s always possible that new information comes to light and/or we develop technologies that will help us make things look better, function better, etc. What I mean by ‘final’ in this stage is that we’re planning to get those models to a point where they won’t need any updates or changes for quite a while to come. At the moment, we’re mostly working on the structural components of the U-Boat (the walls, the floors, the manholes, ladders, etc.) and the components of the firing system. I hope to be able to share some in-game screenshots there soon as well.


The main reason for the interior screenshots not being available at the moment is that we’re working extremely hard on DenseLOD. We’ve made amazing progress over the holiday period on the new custom rendering system. The newest iteration uses vertex cluster rendering to render the entire scene in a single draw-call regardless of complexity. Clusters are culled individually which results in a greater culling performance and therefore greater performance in general. It also now uses virtual textures which are streamed efficiently to the GPU to minimize VRAM usage and keep it constant regardless of scene complexity. This means we are moving away from out-of-the-box Unity HDRP rendering to our own custom rendering technology aimed to support the scope, scale, and complexity of Crush Depth. For a preview of our progress, please check out the video here:

This system is quite crucial for having the rather enormous amount of different parts we need to have in our U-Boat and the rather detailed textures we're using there as well.

U-Boat Päckchen.

A while ago, we implemented the standard dress blues in our project. Next up is the U-Boat Päckchen, the quintessential onboard dress for U-Boat sailors of all ranks.


Another model we’ve just wrapped up is this Flower-class corvette. Around 300 of these vessels saw active service in the Second World War and were quite the quintessential anti-U-Boat ship for a big part of the war. In case someone is wondering, this model hasn’t been modeled after a specific flower (say the Bergamot or the Kamsack or whichever you were thinking of) but has been painted very much in accordance with the (standard) camouflage patterns for the Atlantic. She’s a bit rusty, as we wanted to experiment and learn a bit more about how to create good-looking rust effects (and I’ll leave it up to you to judge if we’ve succeeded there).

The Joy of Blender!

Tomorrow, we’re also having a little event on our Discord which you can join by, well, just simply joining. All information can be found in the event description here, but should you have any further questions, feel send us a DM on Discord.

New Compute Node.

We just racked our new compute node in our Datacenter last Saturday. The compute node is responsible for running all of the background on-demand physics, hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, electrical, hydraulic, and other simulation subsystem logic on the MMO. It is multi-homed and connected directly to our main proxy nodes. For a refresher on how our simulation subsystems work and what our compute-nodes do, please visit:

For those technically included, here are the specs of our new node:

CPU’s: Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6154 CPU’s (36 core, 72 threads, 3GHz)
Memory: 192GB DDR4 2666 PC 21300 ECC Ram
GPU’s: Dual Nvidia Tesla P100 datacenter accelerator cards
Main Storage: Dual NVME U.2 4TB Enterprise drives
Secondary Storage: 18TB high-density Enterprise drive

That's it for now!

Thank you all for stopping by and thanks for your support of our project! Once again, all the best to you and your loved ones in 2022 and we hope to see you again soon!

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Respectfully, the funnel on the Flower Class looks too thin - hopefully the model will be updated?

Aside from that, thank you for keeping us informed - looking forward to more from your team.
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Yes. Texture is beautiful but model is incorrect.
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Looks interesting! Does this mean you MUST play it online? Why do you think your datacenter is better for computing physics? I hope you accounted for internet lag and jitter. Another online game is suffering massively because they made the fatal mistake of believing their datacenter can be better than locally computed physics while failing to realize internet packets do not get sent or received at regular and predictable intervals! It's unfixable.

You need to work on the proportions of the ship.


The mask also needs some work:

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