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Old 04-30-20, 02:56 AM   #781
Von Rono
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Default UPLAY version + TWOS (auto save off?)

I start to play sh5 and megamod installet. I have uplay offline, when I start game. Where I can take off auto save in game?

0303.2010 someone write that:

" Turning off online saves.

It's not in any of the game screens. You have to click the little gear icon in the upper right of the Uplay launcher that comes up before the game."

1. he.heh...10 years ago Time goes fast....

2. I don t see that Uplay launcher...when I launch game? Megamod mayby is reason or what? Must I edit something inside sh5 ?

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Old 10-31-20, 04:03 PM   #782
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Hi everyone,

A question for experts here, i habe installed TWOA megamod, but i cannot play in full realistic navigation, i mean: i see in navigation map everytime sub position marked as a silouette, but checking out some youtubers, there is another way in wich you need to find out you real position by ordering navigation officer to calculate it. How do can i set to play like that? i think i screw up when setting mods, if some can enligth me, it will be fantastic!

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Old 11-01-20, 03:28 PM   #783
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Already figure it our, looks like it happens when you activates officer aspect mod, i disabled it and now i can say i can enjoy a really real navigation sub sim, no more sub icon on map, just crosses and marks, like it has to be...


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Old 01-28-21, 07:43 AM   #784
u crank
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komal is a spammer. Reported.

“The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.”

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Old 10-15-21, 05:23 PM   #785
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Default Arcade TDC

Originally Posted by Sub Commander View Post
Well im a nub when it comes down to manual torpedo fire, but even if i have everything off, and realism = 0% i still have to manually input data or the watch officer says: Unknown contact, fire on my bearing. (I cant find German voices on my disk anywhere please help me!)
You don't want to use the TDC on arcade mode, you need to have your minimap open in the bottom left corner while you're using a persicope or the UZO. And you can see a line coming from your sub on the map. The line has a one a two and a three. Those numbers correspond to the torpedo speed, so if the target your lining the numbers up with on the map is sitting on the number two, and you set the torpedo to number 3, you're going to overshoot the target. Anyway hope that helps.
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