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Icon1 Current and future of Cold Waters and Wishlisting

G'day everyone I'd like to discuss the future of Cold Waters and were it could/I'd like the game to go in the next few years...

The South China Sea and new Map ideas -

The first thing i will address is the new content already confirmed...frankly...i can't wait! mother about 11 months ago got in contact with her real parents (she was adopted) and after meeting both of my now grandparents it turns out my grandfather served on an Oberon Class SS in the South China Sea in the cold war so this new content coming i'm SUPER excited. As for the move it self i think it will be a fresh change to fight in the sea of the pacific with all new terrain but i'd like to see it go would be cool if you go north (on current map) it will load an "arctic circle" map which would be a large circle of ice in the middle of the map then if you went over to the pacific it would then load the pacific (South China Sea) map and you could alternate between the three

An alternative start date? -

A new start date i'd also like to see something like 1999 or 2000 would be the obvious choice but something like 2032 would also work...think a normal 2000 start date (politically wise) but we could play with Subs such as the Columbia Class SSBN and such Russian subs as the Severodvinsk SSGN and Yasen SSN Class.

Russian Subs and Nukes! -

This brings me onto two more topics Playable Russian Subs and campaign and SSBNs/Nuclear weapons, lets go with the easier option of right now i'd say Cold Waters isn't worth the $40 price tag however i'd only say that is because there is no USSR campaign and no ability to play their subs, this would mean more research into US surface ships and such but given the mods currently available they could just contact them and use that. Now, Nukes...I can understand how hard it would be to balance such a weapon Port Strikes at so bad cause you need to fulfill the 10 TLAM Min Limit at the red circle but imagine a port incursion or encountering a surface fleet? 1 tactical nuke into the port area and BAM! the way is clear for your mission, This is why i think it would be in game but only be able to be used in the last mission if (this could change weather or not you are in a SSN or SSBN perhaps)

Some unlocks and maybe new subs? -

Here is an idea! what if we gave some unlocks to players who get some achievements? my original idea for this is to do with the "Hunt For Red October" subs...for example you finish a game in a NATO SSN in the 1984 campaign, you survive, and you unlock (for more US signal player use in later campaign) USS Dallas and this is a normal LA Flight II Class sub BUT it have perhaps double the "crew survival evacuation depth" of the normal LA class because of the Minisub in the movie thy use to bored the Red October, so if you get sunk at like 500m? and you abandon ship your crew survives BUT you lose the Dallas for that campaign and have to choose another sub...similar things like finish one in a Russian SSBN gives you the Red October and other things for other types and start dates (USS Nautilus for 1968 completion ect.)

Multiplayer maybe? -

Multiplayer could be possible...with time accel? only co-op, but without? maybe even servers filling both teams? with time accel you could have you and a friend play with two subs (starting battles might be a bit BS teleporting one person thousands of KM away into your battle but meh? best could hope for? and like some game like Hearts of Iron IV both players press OK to accelerate time then it will stop when someone either presses stop or a torpedo is launched. as for large couldn't use time accel but you would find enemies on the map play a match against them then play against another person some distance in another direction it not as simple s this but i think you could make it work (NOTE: all of the unlock able subs would be unplayable in make it balanced)...

And thats pretty much it...all i'd like to say...I think a lot if not all i said could help/be used to make the game some much better and frankly...much more worth the money

Anyway Happy Hunting!

Your Sincerely - Southern Bear
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Well I bought the game because they announced they are moving to the South China Sea. Since I grow up during the Cold War so bored with the Russians.

But why only huge subs? Why not a Kilo or one of the small German or Swedish subs?? As I remember Dangerous Water had a Kilo mission were you sneaked around the Danish island Bornholm taking photos.

I agree it would be perfect if they made more than American subs playable
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Old 12-02-17, 11:24 PM   #3
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Yeah totally with you on that...If my idea of unlocking subs doesn't work they at least need to put more early subs into the base game...something like the Hotel Class, Nautilus, Whiskey (SSGN versions), Golf class and Seawolf Class SSN-575 (1953 version...think a Nautilus class but has a liquid metal cooled (sodium) S2G reactor and can go 19 knots submerged) would be really cool.
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cold waters, new content, new ships, russian sub, submarine

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