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Ensign Dunsel
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Support Silent Hunter 4 & Windows 10

Good Afternoon, Admirals, Captains and Commanders!

I gave myself the rate (or is it rank?) of Ensign, because my tactical intelligence needs work. You have to watch the Star Trek episode about the Mark V to find out where the ‘dunsel’ comes from.

However I feel about myself as far as tactics, I am pretty good with the computer, but I have a problem. I searched this august forum for information about installing Silent Hunter IV on Windows 10, but I did not find anything. If there is, I apologize and please point me to the right place.

Now for my problem, I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Silent Hunter had installed without any problem on Windows 7. But when I tried to run Silent Hunter 4, nothing happened. Nothing was showing in the Task Bar. Windows 10 has a really good Task Manager and lo and behold, I find Silent Hunter 4 running and using up CPU cycles and memory. The strange part is there were no disk activity.

So I uninstalled Silent Hunter 4 and re-installed and tried again. This time I made sure that the compatibility setting is changed to Vista. Same thing happened. Tried it again with Windows XP service pack 3, ditto. I found on this forum that I needed to delete registry keys pertaining to Silent Hunter 4, as well as delete the file in the document folder. I did so and re-installed it again. This time an updating Silent Hunter 4 came up, but the same thing happened, running in background with nothing in the Task Bar. Now they say that a good definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again getting the same results and I am close to that mark.

You are probably wondering why I keep spelling out Silent Hunter 4. The reason is I have Silent Hunter 3 on the same computer and it runs without a hitch.

Here is probably where my knowledge of computers come in. I suspect that Windows 10 changed the way video files are run. The reason I believe this is Silent Hunter 3 had been modded such as the introduction video is not enabled. If I am right, is there a way to disable the introduction, such as adding “/nomovie” to the end of sh4 executable?

Now let me tell you what I am using:
Intel Core2 Quad cpu
8 GB of memory
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Nvidia GT730 with 2MB memory

I realize that I am probably blazing new ground. If so, I intend to keep trying new ideas as they come. Perhaps, I am insane. But I consider it insanity that an older program will run and the newer one won’t.

Fair Winds,
Ensign Dunsel

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