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Default [TEC] Crew Scripting

The crewmen are referenced by the waypoint they are initially assigned to. Waypoints are prefixed by the compartment.
CR - Control Room
CT - Conning Tower
DER - Diesel Engine Room
QRF - Forward Quarters
RR - Radio Room, part of QRF
SQ - Stern Quarters
TRA - Aft Torpedo Room
TRF - Forward Torpedo Room
WP - Weapon?
WT - Watch Tower

The waypoints for the Control Room are:
CR_CHIEF - Chief starts here so he is CR_CHIEF
CR_HA - Aft Hydroplane operator
CR_HELM - Helmsman
CR_HF - Fore Hydroplane
CR_LADDER - halfway up the ladder
CR_NAV - Navigator
CR_SO_01 - Second officer
CR_STAIRS - foot of the ladder
CR_VALVE - Ballast tank operator

These are the Crewmen we currently have to work with:
CR_CHIEF - Chief Engineer
CR_HA - Aft Hydroplane Operator
CR_HELM - Helmsman
CR_HF - Fore Hydroplane Operator
CR_NAV - Navigator
CR_SO_01 - Second Officer
CR_VALVE - Ballast Tank Operator
DER_DE_CPO - Engine Room Chief
DER_DE_PORT01 - Port Diesel Operator
DER_DE_STB01_A - Starboard Diesel Operator
QRF_Petty_01 - Petty Officer 01
QRF_Petty_02 - Petty Officer 02
QRF_WATCH - Watch Officer
RR_HIDRO - Hydrophone Operator
RR_RADIO_A - Radio Operator
SQ_BED01 - Crewman in Bunk 01
SQ_BED02 - Crewman in Bunk 02
SQ_BED03 - Crewman in Bunk 03
SQ_BED04 - Crewman in Bunk 04
SQ_BOSUN_A - Bosun
SQ_COOK_A - Cook
TRA_EE_PORT01_A - Port Motor Operator 01
TRA_EE_PORT02 - Pot Motor Operator 02
TRA_EE_STB02 - Starboard Motor Operator
TRA_LOAD01 - Aft Torpedo Crewman
TRF_LOAD01 - Forward Torpedo Crewman 01
TRF_LOAD03 - Forward Torpedo Crewman 02
TRF_LOAD05 - Forward Torpedo Crewman 03

The animations are designed to work from specific waypoints. They are prefixed with that compartment and waypoint. So "CR_CHIEF_Idle01" is set up to work on a character in waypoint CR_CHIEF. It doesn't have to be the Chief and is doesn't have to be used only in that waypoint. Things might not line up, you may get clipping, etc, if you use it somewhere else. The animations are in data\Characters\Animations.

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