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tortuga power
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Default Tortuga's Video AAR - 60k Merchants

Hello fellow virtual bubbleheads,

I'm Tortuga and I run a wargaming channel on YouTube. I haven't seen much in the way of proper attempts to play the game well, so I thought I'd come here to post my own.

We are relatively amateur (and I welcome any constructive criticism!) but we enjoy taking things seriously. A few jokes before and after the action, but that's true form for sailors.

We may not have all the technical babble of a official submariner, but one of our crew is official navy (USCG) and we tend towards immersive and realistic simulation.

Here's a link to a video where we engage a massive convoy and sink 60k tons of merchants:

Some comments from the video:
Excellent job Tortuga! You have a very good grasp on the torpedo system, a little fine tuning and your crew will be amazing!
your awesome please please more!! I haven't seen another video even HIT a damn ship!!!
Good hunting!
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