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Old 09-13-2009, 12:00 AM   #1
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Default Pirates of the Caribbean - New Horizons Mod

Downloading now, link here :

Some of the new features are and not limited too: (read link post for full information!)

Alpha 9.5 Patch 1
- Fixes by Hook
. Cannon reload code improved to take into account available crew and destroyed cannons
. Fixed weaponslocker code; no more magically appearing weapons
. Ship's chests lootable only once a day
. Improved balancing on blade damage values
. Improved selection of weapons by NPCs
. Fix to swapping ships
- Improved Sea AI by Screwface
. Random ships at sea update their tasks periodically
. Task depends on ship type, purpose and presence of other ships
. Visibility of ships decreases in fog and at night
. Fake flag recognizing now happens as you close in on unaware ships
The closer you get, the higher the chance of being recognized
- Jack Sparrow quest fixes by Captain Maggee
. Norrington boarding scene fixed
. Various questbook updates fixed
. Pintel and Ragetti characters added
- Lucas/First Contact quests linked by Captain Maggee
. Dead soldier dialog fixed
. Character models fixed
. Town attack fixed
. Final encounter fixed
- Storm scene fix by Faradin
- Many Capture Town boarding locators fixed by Faradin
- Sidestep check disabled by default
- Beatrice model fixed for PotC animation by damski62
- Fixed "invisible" weapon model by zkajo
- Saint Martin location fixes by Bartolomeu o Portugues
- Charlestown locators fixed by Pieter Boelen
- Kraken Attack code added by Pieter Boelen; see the console
- Updated HMS Bounty by ZarethPL and Thomas the Terror
- Edinburg Trader by ZarethPL
- USS Enterprise by Kazeite and ZarethPL
- Updated HMS Surprise and Boussole by Seb and ZarethPL; original model by Inzane and Merciless Mark
- Three new portrait files by Dirk Struan
- Dutch Lineship by Yo Ho Ho and Thomas the Terror
- Improved deck textures by Thomas the Terror
- Captain Chevalle side quest added to Jack Sparrow storyline by Thomas the Terror
- Johan Elting models updated by Thomas the Terror
- Golden Age of Piracy soldier skins updated by Thomas the Terror
- Pirate Norrington model updated by Sir Christopher Mings
- Barbossa character model by Sir Christopher Mings
- La Licorne ship and Francois de Hadoque character model by Seb
- Lydia retextures for France/Spain, United Stated and Independent by Seb
- Skeletons and mummies disabled in random encounters by Pieter Boelen

Alpha 9.5 Patch 2
- Updated engine file; solves the Nero Burning ROM compatibility issue
- Code updates:
. Updated Sea AI code, including fort relations fix, by Screwface
. Taking captured captains as companion crash workaround by Sulan
. Temporary fix to shipberthing by Sulan
. British ships using other nation skins fixed by Screwface
. Ship teleports at Bonaire and Antigua fixed
. Eleuthera officiant added by Sulan
. Updated GiveShip2Character function; takes into account cannon type now
. Maximum number of crew ashore code improved by Aconcagua
- Quest updates:
. Horatio Hornblower main quest completed by Short Jack Gold
. Assassin main quest three new parts added by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. Standard storyline First Contact quest ending extended and improved by Captain Maggee
. Standard storyline Church Help and Animist Quest fixed by Captain Maggee
. Bartolomeu o Portugues 'dangerous locations' feature added
. Isla de Muerte accessible in all storylines by getting the Aztec Compass from Mr. Gibbs in the Tortuga tavern (cheatmode required)
. Hendrick Vanderdecken, seller of cursed ships, moved to Isla de Muerte (cheatmode required)
. Tortuga Atmosphere stationary skeleton and double characters bugs fixed
. Return-to-player code after self dialog updated
- Jack Sparrow Quest Updates by Captain Maggee:
. No landing on Isla de Muerte after the mutiny bug fixed
. New extended opening scene
. Instant-reloads to important quest points available from the Random Drunk in the opening tavern (cheatmode required)
. Billy Brock always appears in Speightstown tavern, Sir Christopher Mings only after talking to Lt. Bligh in port
. Burning of the Wicked Wench scene improved
. Deal with Davy Jones scene improved
. Marooning by Barbossa scene improved
. Post Curse of the Black Pearl scenes added
. Captain Eduardo Villanueva sidequest added; begins at Tortuga port after the Capitaine Chevalle quest
. Sri Sumbhajee Angria sidequest added; begins in Havana tavern
. Ammand the Corsair sidequest added; begins at Port Royale church
. Captain Sao Feng sidequest added; begins at Turks governor's mansion
. Gentleman Jocard sidequest added; begins at Oranjestad town
- Ship updates:
. Updated Cursed Flying Dutchman by ZarethPL
. Three new manowars by Seb
. Updated starting ship models by Seb
. Updated British Superior Warship skin by Thomas the Terror
- Character updates:
. New character models, including governors, rich people and some poor people by Thomas the Terror
. Capture Colonies governor models and names updated by Thevegimobil
. Black Johan Elting character model with armors by SuperDurnius
. Kieron and Meigger character models by Sir Christopher Mings
. Various fixed head models for characters by Aconcagua and Damski62
- Item updates:
. New blades and Jack Sparrow's gun added by Thomas the Terror
. Swapping quest items disabled by Aconcagua
. Selling special weapons fixed by Aconcagua
. 'Leeches' Apothecary item fixed
- Location updates:
. Many updated location loading screens
. Oranjestad port in deck scene fixed
. Havana town fixes, including fast travel, erroneous locations and reloads and blacksmith added by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. Charlestown locators restored and fixed
. Major updates to Turks by Captain Maggee
. Dead skeletons in one Hispaniola cave replaced with live enemies for future Assassin quest update

Alpha 9.5 Patch 3
- Different Flags Mod:
. Mod by Pirate_KK, fixes by Screwface
. Interface and flag work by Thomas the Terror [WIP]
. Pennant work by Captain Maggee and Pieter Boelen
- Code updates:
. Sail To locations appear only after you've 'discovered' them in Realistic Sailing Mode by Screwface
Sail To disabled for friendly forts and hostile ports
Per an original idea by a simple virtual sailor
. Purpose restored for Select Storyline player type selection
. Pre-set player type and nationality in Select Storyline interface
. Deck black screen bug fixed
. Missed 'officerprice' attribute error messages fixed
. 'No Rebirth Enabled' bug for crewmembers ashore fixed by a simple virtual sailor
. Assassin storyline missing generic questtext files added by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. Tortuga governor dialog fixed by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. Battle Rocks renamed to Petit Tabac and reloads to shore fixed
. Error messages on islands with no towns fixed
- Quest updates:
. Assassin Storyline Part IV added by Bartolomeu o Portugues - jump-start code included in "PROGRAM\console.c"
. Hornblower storyline location and locator fixes by Short Jack Gold
. Silver Train quest enabled manual reload to Petit Tabac shore
- Jack Sparrow Quest Updates by Captain Maggee and Talisman:
. Heavy fog after encounter with Davy Jones fixed
. Capitaine Chevalle, Eduardo Villanueva, Sao Feng, Gentleman Jocard and Lucas quest fixes
- Location updates:
. Jungle Church Location added for Dead Man's Chest quest by Jack Rackham
. New Cave Ship location replaces the hideout on Cozumel by SuperDurnius
. Isla Mona island added for Assassin storyline: land locations by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. Curacao Village locations and characters added by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. No more navy officers in Antigua port before Colonial Powers period
. Turks and Tortuga governors fixed
- Ship updates:
. Crew on deck added for several ships that were missing them but should have had them
. Sloop_Cutter1_18 renamed to Cutter3_18 and re-rigged as per the other cutters
- Item updates:
. Mercenary pistol added by Bartolomeu o Portugues
- Experimental Mods:
. New Officer System by a simple virtual sailor; more information in "buildinfo\New Officer System.txt"
. Random Sailing Ships in Port Scene Mod

Alpha 9.5 Patch 4
- New Officer System by a simple virtual sailor and Aconcagua (WIP):
. All officers contribute their skills, not just the three selected ones
. Change Officer Role button added to Passengers interface
. More information in "buildinfo\New Officer System.txt"
- Improved Weather Mod by Screwface:
. Storms fixes, including music, wave colour and texture, sky colour and bow splash
. Storms in DirectSail mode
. Storm remains active until the weather improves (there's a chance of this happening every 60 seconds)
. Rain chance depends on the month and distinguishes between the Caribbean wet and dry season
. Lagoon Colour Mod changes the sea colour to Caribbean light blue close to shores
- Periods Mod:
. Random Relations Mod replaced with Period Relations
. Town and island names differ in each period
. Town nationalities change per period
. Historically correct governors
. Personal and Pirate Flag textures finished by Thomas the Terror
. Storyline-specific and quest flag assignments and changes
. Historical Ships Mod by Doober
. Worldmap ship models flags updated; Napoleonic ship added in "The Corsican"
- Realistic Gameplay Mods by Screwface:
. Fast Travel only enabled after you found the location manually yourself first
. 'Alarm' status only enabled after present enemies drew their blade; no prior warning
. Spyglasses only enlarge the view, but don't give additional information anymore
. These all fall under the "Realistic Sailing Mode" toggle in the Options interface
- Code updates:
. Improved Sea AI fixes by Screwface
. Shipberthing Mod fixed by Screwface
. Enable shipberthing at Cozumel by Screwface
. Fort Fast Travel fixed by Screwface
. Fixes for main character with no ship by Screwface
. Cozumel reload fixes by Screwface
. 'Auto Skill System' off Character interface bug fixed by Aconcagua
. Prevent start new game after already starting a game by Aconcagua
. Gunpowder weight increased to realistic value by Aconcagua
. Trader quest dialog improvement for skipping map and viewing map multiple times by Aconcagua
. Address form fixes in many dialogs by Captain Maggee
. Eleuthera resurrection fix by Captain Maggee
. More Varied Ship Sinking Animation by Halfman
. Different Flags Mod: random flags used by pirates; ability to pre-set personal and pirate flags for quest characters
. Cursed Black Pearl GiveShip2Character bug fix
. Period-correct town names in Select Storyline interface
. Pre-set difficulty levels per storyline
. Cabinfight and Anacleto dialog confusion cleaned up
. Escort quests destination, questbook texts and map fixes
- Quest updates:
. Tales of a Chevalier storyline added by Thomas the Terror
. Assassin Storyline Part V added by Bartolomeu o Portugues - jump-start code included in the opening dialog (cheatmode required)
. Cozumel inaccessible in standard storyline until after the main quest
. Work-around for Bridgetown capture block included in Danielle dialog
. Capture of governor Silehard and boarding of Black Pearl in standard storyline fixed by Captain Maggee
. First Contact quest unlinked from Lucas quest in standard storyline by Captain Maggee
. Assassin storyline 'enemies on ship' fix by Bartolomeu o Portugues
. Master and Commander 'quest' restored, including questbook entry to explain the lack of an actual story
- Jack Sparrow Quest Updates by Captain Maggee:
. Ability to join EITC later
. Alternate way of acquiring HMS Interceptor fixed
. EITC office and Sir Christopher Mings mansion changed to 'normal' locations
. Storyline loops fixed
. Updates to Lucas and First Contact quests
. Updates to Sao Feng sidequest
. Updates to Gentleman Jocard sidequest
- Model updates:
. Character models for Billy Brock (young and old), Annabella Brinkley and young Cutler Beckett by Thomas the Terror
. Jack Sparrow (Pelegostos god version) by D4V1DXxX
. Edinburgh Trader skin by D4V1DXxX
. Crimson Blood by Cylon13
. Soleil Royal by red10october (WIP: needs to be properly fixed for PotC)
. Field cannons added by SuperDurnius

I'll try to have a full review up in a couple days (after I get back from Subsim Meet 2009 )
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Old 04-07-2010, 04:51 AM   #2
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I've just read on their forum that they've been given the source code to the Akella pirate games. Now this New Horizons mod could get very interesting. It'll be good to see what they bring out in the months to come!
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Old 01-29-2014, 02:05 PM   #3
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The "New Horizons" mod for Akella's "Pirates of the Caribbean" is excellent.

Really adds to this title.

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Old 05-13-2014, 06:55 AM   #4
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so how good is this mod?
any review?
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Old 05-14-2014, 10:00 AM   #5
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In my opinion, our New Horizons mod for POTC is absolutely fantastic! Of course, I am a bit biased as I have been a member of the Pirates Ahoy! community since it was founded over a decade ago. Our mod changes the gameplay of the stock game dramatically, we have changed a lot of the gameplay mechanics and world environments to make the game as realistic as possible given the limitations of the decade plus old game engine.

We have added hundreds of new ships, many new weapons, quests and side quests. The changes we have made are simply way to numerous for me to try and mention here! We also make mods for the game sequels Age of Pirates and Age of Pirates 2 City of Abandoned ships. You can find out much more over at our forums, the link is in my sig.

I don't expect you to take my word for it and there is a good review of our mod up over at IGN, it is a few years old, but should give you a good idea of what to expect from the Build Mod! As the reviewer mentions, it is almost impossible to find a legal copy of the game anymore, aside from the occasional copy on Ebay. Downloading it from torrents can be very risky, both for the risk of malware and viruses, but also the game code can be altered wich can cause major problems with our mods!

We have tried many times to try and get the games released as a digital download, but so far have been mostly unsuccessful. The folks over at GOG seem to be our only real hope of getting a legal digital copy. If you would like to help, please head over and vote for them to be added to GOG's lineup!

You can vote for Pirates of the Caribbean HERE, and you can vote for City of Abandoned Ships HERE, and last but certainly not least you can vote for the classic Sea Dogs HERE!!
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Old 05-15-2014, 02:08 AM   #6
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Hi Thagarr,

Thanks for the reply.
This is a very nice surprise!
I have played POTC (the vanilla game) years ago and I like it very much,
but I never know about the mods.
I hope I still have the CDs somewhere on my old game stash.

I am downloding the mods now.

One question: how is the new horizon mods compared to AoS and CoAS mods?
Is CoAS better since it is the newer game of the three?
Please advise.
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The original Age of Pirates included Starforce, the worst DRM in a long sad history of bad DRM, and that pretty much killed the game. Which is very unfortunate, because the game really did have some unique features, such as playing as a female main character, and a few other things. There are still a few mods hanging around though.

The stock version of CoAS is much better than the stock version of POTC, mostly because it is built on an enhanced version of the engine, STORM 2.5. The graphics are slightly better is some respects, but worse in others. Though the gameplay is MUCH different and takes quite a bit of getting used to. It has a much steeper learning curve and is a more difficult game to master. There are many mods that enhance CoAS even more, and I do recommend playing it.

POTC with our New Horizons mod is the best game of the three. With over 10 years of modding content, there are litterally thousands of hours of gameplay! We have enhanced the gameplay on many levels, and it is far harder than the stock game. There are way to many quests for me to mention, but if you are a fan of the POTC movies, then you will love the fact that we have the movie ships and characters in the game. There is also a Hornblower story line if a Naval career is more to your liking! While we have tried to remain as historically accurate as possible, here are a whole lot of other surprises from other films thrown in as well.

TLDR: If you can try all three I highly recommend you do so, and they are all enhanced with our mods, but New Horizons for POTC is the best!
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Old 05-17-2014, 02:07 AM   #8
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Hi Thagarr,

Thanks for the explanation.
After searching my old game stash, I find POTC and CoAS.
So I definitely will try the mod.

I do not have AoP though,
is it still worth getting since I have CoAS already?

Since you said the modded game is harder, do you have some tips?
Which campaign should I play first?

And I like Hornblower, can I play him as a pirate or do you have a different story for him similar to the novel?
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Old 05-17-2014, 09:35 AM   #9
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If you want tips, read through our forums, there are a LOT there, and also a lot of spoilers if you want them.

AOP is worth playing if you can find it, just be careful of Starforce and remove that crap as quickly as you can.

I recommend playing the stock POTC first just to get a feel for how the game plays without our mods, once you install the mod, you will notice a big difference! Have fun mate!
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Old 05-19-2014, 02:11 AM   #10
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Thanks Thagarr foe all the replies.
I have installed build 14, so far everything looks good,
so many characters that you can play.

However, I feel the ship turns very slow compared to the vanilla game,
is this intentional?
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Old 05-19-2014, 09:21 AM   #11
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Yes, that is intentional, ship handling is much more realistic in the Mod. Realistic sailing is turned on by default, but you can change that to arcade mode in the options menu if you prefer. There are a LOT of other things you can change as well that let you determine just what kind of game experience you want.
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Old 05-20-2014, 05:23 AM   #12
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some character has story mode, other free play.
do they have different quest? or the same?
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Old 05-21-2014, 12:28 AM   #13
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The best way to find out is to play them!
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