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Originally Posted by Mad Mardigan View Post
Have to say, it would be real interesting, to not only head out as a U.S. skipper, a Kaleun, but now... as a I.J.N. skipper as well.

Will be watching & waiting with bated breath, for this...

You can already do that but the jyunsen B mod uses the german missions which is different from what should ijn mission be like
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Old 04-22-2020, 04:05 PM   #1262
Mad Mardigan
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SHO IJN add on for SH4... cool...

Originally Posted by keltos01 View Post
You can already do that but the jyunsen B mod uses the german missions which is different from what should ijn mission be like
Yes, thanks. I am aware of that, to make more clearly, meant the full work of what all who are working on with the Climb Mt. Niitaka IJN mod add in for SH4,
Keltos01. Sorry for any confusion there, chap.

Know that you posted on another different forum, concerning the mods you worked on & have released thus far, (which as I understand it will be seen of being incorp'ed into Climb Mt. Niitaka mod) a comment you made as follows:

''I appreciate it ! There aren't that many people outthere who want to play the other side..
I'd like to get the Sen Toku working though... Then the KRS mine laying sub, but that's still some time in the future.. I'd like to play too now and then !'' (post # 3 on that separate post of your mod v3.9)

I enjoy history, from both sides of the whole... rather than taking a narrow view of it. I've played SH both as a Kaleun & a U.S. skipper of subs, and have thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Now, am looking forward to expanding that to (hopefully as soon as Climb Mt. Niitaka mod is finialized, that is... as well, as can be, that is knowing that invariably some bugs/kinks will have to be squashed/fixed & that that process does take time...) to be able to captain a japanese sub during the war, as well.

A tip of the hat, once again to modders, who work to improve, fix & make better the sub sim we all have come to love & sometimes hate as well... when we goof up & lose a sub.

Know that from Me, your grunt work in doing so, is greatly appreciated.

Mad Mardigan, signing off...

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