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Default Sub Command campaign - are missions linked?

Are missions in Sub Command linked, ie. do previous missions affect to future ones and can one replay older missions to change their results? Reason I'm asking is that I got detected by opfor submarine when leaving the port in second mission, which seemed to have alerted them and forces in the 3rd one are in higher alert.
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Welcome aboard, Captain!
To answer your questions, yes. Getting detected in previous missions will put the opfor on higher alert for the next ones. You can go back and redo prior missions but I don't remember how that goes if you've completed the subsequent ones already. Maybe someone who has played more recently can answer that.

Good hunting!
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Thank you.

I'll probably just keep playing on the campaign with the results I had so far. I was just wondering if the scenarios are linked and I'm happy to know now that they're are.
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Default Welcome aboard!

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Yes, they are linked and no, I don't think you can redo the mission to get a new result. I think the first time you beat it, the link to the next mission is already established based on your first performance.
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I am not sure if things work different in Dangerous Waters as I played the RUS SC campaigns ported by the RA mod and there are many things different in the ports but I´ve just noticed there that the next mission can change when you redo the previous mission.

I´ve completed missions that triggered certain mission briefings for the next one and when relaunching the completed mission for example to take another look or try something out but then quit without accomplishing it, my "good" briefing was replaced with a "bad" briefing. In one case I played the same mission for the US side and had the impression that I somehow triggered another initial situation for the RUS side.

But I didn´t pay much attention to how the dynamic campaign develops so this behaviour can have other reasons or may absolutely not apply to Sub Command.

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