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Default SHIV FOTRS Graphics Issue

Hi Everyone,

After a couple of sessions playing FOTRS ver. 1.4, the game kept crashing to desktop just before the point at which I would start a patrol. I saw then the thread on installing FOTRS correctly and then re-installed the stock game (with U-Boat Missions add-on of course) to my documents file as per the instructions NOT to save the game to any Program Files destination folder. So, I successfully re-installed the vanilla game with U-Boat Missions add-on to My Documents, re-installed the JGSME Mod Enabler to the same file, and the game now runs with FOTRS without crashing to desk-top.

However.......the graphics are washed out and overly dark as if someone turned the saturation way down on my monitor. The lettering on the main menu presents as a dark orange. I have checked my graphics and video cards by opening other games and they all present fine visually.

Any suggestions on how to correct this? I have a feeling a duplicate/missing file/files is causing the problem but don't know.

I am running an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz processor on Windows 10 64-bit just for reference.

Thank you,

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What mod are you running? There was FOTRSU v1.2 and v1.3, and then v2.0, which is an SH4 v1.4 only mod. I am not familiar with v1.4 of the mod. Had you emptied the Save folder ("C:\Users \UserName \Documents \SH" by default)? It almost sounds like you're saying you installed in the MyDocuments folder? That is generally not a good place to install a program either. It is Usually best to install to a folder you create yourself off the "root" of the drive, such as "C:\Games \SH4" or whatever. Have you done the changes needed to the SH4.exe Properties for the video to display properly in the 'modern' Windows OS? As an example:

You would probably have to experiment some with your settings for your computer.

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Think I would start by unactivating v1.4 and downloading and activating V 1.8 which I believe is the latest.
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"OUILLE" ...1Patriotofmany.. Beanie..
I would complete with the tools of the graphics card which is not specified in its config ... I would consult the threads of the forum concerning this aspect ..
for NVIDIA the work of Fifi seems to me to indicate see here
that will be all for now...
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