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Default SteelFury

How do you change the main menu text back to english
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hey drifter, I posted in the steel fury resource thread a little workaround. I assume you are using a mod that changes a loc-.txt file. that's what you need to replace.

Here's what I was talking about, I was on my smartphone earlier.
(if you are playing an english install and don't want to figure out how to read Russian the hard way, I have found a quick fix that will return your menu language to english. In "Tiger_Mod_v1.0\data\k42\loc_rus" find the folder called "text." in that folder there should be a text file called "loc_kit" rename that file or move it to a different spot. so far it has returned all my menu tabs back to english but I'll still take a good look around to see if it messed anything up-SH427)
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Default SF in Enbglish.

There are 2 ways you can return your menu and text to English:

1) go to the cd folder in your game main data folder:

D:\sf beta 1,5 v3\data\k42\loc_rus\cd

Open the cd folder ; the last entry should read like this:

tex_pack9.datapack.If there's one entry below just delete it and then save.It will not affect your game but will give you the English version back.

Or 2) you can enable or re-enable last in your JSGME the English language patch
either beta 1.5 or 0.2 any will work.
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