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Old 01-06-2022, 09:38 PM   #1
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Default Stock TDC UI and TDC Mod

Hi guys,
I've had UBOAT since EA, and got back into it after watching Wolfpacks vids. Picked up the TDC mod which is great but I'm scratching my head with the stock TDC UI and what is entered into it that and the mod TDC, as I'm have literally hit and miss results.
So as an example of my process.
Target Speed - ID ship in stock recognition book- do the stopwatch thing - data imputed in to stock and mod tdc automatically.
AOB - from map work- Enter on the MOD tdc dial ( do i need to also add this to using the Stock UI Course/AOB dials?)
Range - Stadiometer - which enters date automatically into mod TDC and Stock.
Spread- Combination of using the vessel length dial and spread angle.
Matching torp speed etc between TDC and the Torpedo panel.
Entering run depth
Do i need to input the spread in this section also?
Then switch to green light on the torp panel to use the TDC mod data.
Then fire,

Its just a made a save at the point at which all this data is inputted, and i cant get a consistent hit and just wondered if inputting into both is messing up the solution, or does the green light switch on the torp panel negate any data in the stock tdc?

Thanks for you time.

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Default Welcome back!

EddieMuntz yer TDC skills may be suspect but you've clearly master'd the 'silent run'! Three years!
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Yeah and those years have been unkind
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Old 01-10-2022, 08:02 AM   #4
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When you're switched to green on the stock UI, none of the stock numbers matter - you can even leave them empty.

There might be other reasons for your misses - try reading through the mod's manual maybe.

PS: Be advised, that tube 1 has its model misaligned by 1 degree to the left. Stock targeting isn't impacted, but the TDC mod uses the tube position info, so you might be better off not using tube 1 at greater ranges - at short range, a 1 degree difference doesn't do much. A fix is in the pipe on the mod side.
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