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Default Strategy Playing BoTA as RN?

What's a reasonable strategy for the RN in order to win BoTA? Simply searching raiders next to the convoy routes? What can increase your renown rapidly, e.g. in order to buy some more capital ships?
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Bump. This is a good question. Easy to get renown as the Germans. Very hard as the Brits. Sinking Uboats should yield at least a little bit more renown.
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Best strategies we've seen so far:

Spread out escorts along the convoy routes, this will prevent the events from racking up merchant tonnage and gives you a chance to knock out a u-boat or two every encounter.

Keep one or two hunter-killer groups of 2 or so BB/BC with an escort to react to enemy surface units. Once the major surface ships are taken out, you can retire these groups for more escorts as Germany can only field u-boats from that point onward.

Only way to rapidly increase your Renown is to sink those major enemy surface units as soon as you can. It is possible to focus on more hunter-killer groups (with CA/CL's and more BB/BC from the acquired Renown acquired from successful sinkings) early in the war to attempt to take down those enemy capital ships quicker, but you might lose ground with the merchant tonnage tally...
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