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Default Escorting Troop ship to Norway

So I selected the 1st Norway campaign. I did all that was required, listening for enemy ships along the way and eventually released from duty. It was night time and I was still well ahead of the convoy. Since permission was previously given to sink Norwegian flagged shipping. I decided to run into Bergen harbor under cover of darkness and found a target rich environment of Norwegian and British flags. Needless to say I sunk 4 ships setting the harbor on fire. Kewl graphics.

Mission accomplished, RTB

After receiving rewards for the all shipping I sunk. I selected the 2nd Norway mission of escorting another friendly convoy. So off I went ahead of the convoy porpoising up and down, dive, listen, surface, recharge, dive listen, wash rinse repeat. Released from duty and once more well ahead of the convoy I figured I’d go snooping around Bergen harbor again for some easy cash.

This time I found just two ships. I positively ID one as Norwegian and sunk it, sent the message and opened fire on the second ship.

Just as I was about sink the second ship. I get a radio message stating that U-48 had fired on a friendly and was to be hunted down and forced to capitulate. So I took a look at the second ship I had just shot at and made it out as a friendly. I just thought to myself well that’s not good. Meh, they’re still afloat a little paint and it will look like new again.

Still not putting the two together yet. I zoomed the chart out to small scale hoping to find U-48’s last known location and go teach that traitor a lesson. Believing too friendly ports are painted gray I looked at the chart and noticed the Bergen’s port marker was still red (must be a glitch) . I was a bit confused why the friendly freighter was there, but what the hell I stopped shooting it. Not finding anything else, sipping my coffee, I set a course for open sea. It was early morning when I reached open waters where I met three friendly destroyers from the convoy. As I looking through the bigeyes (UZO) to check out game graphics they started shooting at me! What the hell? Then I got this sinking feeling who and where U-48 was located. I could hear splashes around the boat as I brought up the chart , zoomed in, placed the cursor over my ship. Oh hell, I’m U-48! Kaboom. Thank god for game saves.

Lesson learned never assume always ID your target.
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good Story.
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