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Default Project Operation Trident Offical Development Log

Operation Trident - Cold War Submarine/Naval Simulator
1946 - 1991

August 19: We are almost ready to go public with some teaser in-game videos to not only excite you guys and keep us filled with steam, but to fill our team to maximum license capacities.

A fullblown cold-war era subsim set in a slightly alternate reality. Upgrades and tech/classes become available at the proper times and historic events happen but you will infact be at war with the USSR.

Initally only the US and USSR will be playable, later the UK and maybe a small nation, eventually any submarine toting nations will be included.

Until we get v0.12 (playable demo) out to see if its viable for kickstarter, any donations can go to to anyone that wants to help the cause and you will get mention in the game credits, just leave a payment note.

This is now a dedicated URL so it wont get mixed in with my YouTube donations and I can distribute it among the team.

Download Latest Version
Current Version: 0.11preTechDemo - Mar 27 2016 Last version before the playable demo. Everythings changed except the ocean waves code.
Download - 330MB 7z format @ indieDB - Windows 64 bit
Old verison 0.10pTD Mar 7
Old version 0.08ptd
Old Version - 0.07preTechdeMo 192mb
Old Version: 0.06preTechDemo
Old verison download - 0.05preTechDemo

Trello Board - Keep Track of Upcoming & Future Updates, vote on features, comment. [CLICK]

Time compression is set with buttons at the bottom right corner
R - Surface
F - Hold Depth
V - Div
Left/Right arrows - Set rudder +/-5d respective direction
Shift+left/right arrows - Set Rudder full port/stbd
Up/Down - Set engines telegraph up or down +4 is ahead flank -3 is back full 0 is neutral
P - Attack Periscope
Mouse wheel - Zoom periscopes or camera views
Left/Right mouse button - Take focus back (cameras/periscope) of camera or enable mouse cursor
~ - Debug Console

June 14th - Setup a dedicated donations link. I've been working dont worry ever day! Currently looking for manpower, need help this project will slog with the current team size.
Feb 7th 2016 - First couple versions uploaded just to show the current quality of the ocean and basic boat controls
Feb 9th - Lots of debug info added and have the controls almost like they should be (silent hunter style)
<IN PROGRESS> Feb 10th - Tweak up the download and add tons of debug screens then start coding more technical stuff
Feb 11th - Got basic torpedo setup for testing underwater explosion simulations.
Feb 12th- Restarted the interior models
Feb 13th - Got a main menu and campaign selection screen mocked up and in the game plus underwater fx workign 100%
Mar 7th - After lots of testing and ocean updates with post processing and storm weather as well as masking the interior of the ship will take form as time goes on.

Latest Update(s)
Underwater Effect as depth gets deeper
Full Resoulution

Fish in the Water

IndieDB Link
Current Project [ Operation Trident (Working Title: Project RedWater) ColdWar Subsim] :: Development Log w/ Dwnloads

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