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Old 05-22-22, 02:40 AM   #76
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Default Gunship!

There’s no way for me to navigate to the next waypoint.
That is a nice surprise and I may add right move!

So as far as flying in Gunship! neither Pilot nor the Gunner have Autopilot to The Nxt Waypoint function. IIRC That kicks in only when you leave the ship on its own it will proceed to the next waypoint. Same with Wingmen.

The autopilot waypoints can be played with on the map N but that has also little glitch that it may crash the system if your chosen resolution of the game in Gunship differs from your native Windows resolution. Easy to correct.

Next Waypoint is visible on pilot IHADS so that is how you fly as the Pilot - manually following that carret which will change as soon as you reach that waypoint.

So the best way to fly is using the Gunner position is by turning towards the desired direction and pressing G for Go this Way which maybe if you wish carret =next waypoint or any other direction.
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Old 06-09-22, 11:45 PM   #77
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Default 10-4

Ok. Thanks!

My Win98 PC and WinXP PC that I built like Gunship! and run it well. This is one of those sims I'm going to have to take some time to learn.

Starting with printing out the manual. Maybe finding a paper manual on eBay. That pdf doesn't cut it.

I'll let ya know when I get Gunship! down.
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Old 10-09-22, 01:53 PM   #78
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Default Fall is the Time for More M1TP2!

About this time last year, I rebuilt my two legacy PCs, installed M1TP2, and defeated most of the campaigns.

I got sidetracked and built a high end WinXP system that runs Gunship! Perfectly but not M1TP2. I think that disappointment caused me to lose interest. So - the new one will be for Gunship and M1TP2 will reside on the Packard Bell and Aptiva from the late ‘90s.

I upgraded my old PCs by maxing out the RAM and reinstalling Win98. Ok….time for me to quit fooling around with the hardware and get serious about really beating this game!

I’m not sure there is any point to this post other than to say, the manual, the graphics, & gameplay guarantee that I’ll never completely abandon this game.

If anybody else is still playing, let me know. I’d just taken a little break….
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