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M1TP2 Observations:

On one mission, I was out of main gun ammo and was headed toward some BTRs and possibly a few BMPs. The reality is that the .50cal will ďcut those vehicles to cheeseĒ (a quote from an NCO back in the Ď80s when I asked him about .50 cal vs APCs).

So, I decided to cut loose and sure enough blew up the remainder of enemy APCs - about half dozen or so with the .50 cal. That was pretty good, ha ha! I could barely see the enemy vehicles but could see them explode when I hit them. I havenít read everything on this sim but donít recall that topic being discussed. Just FYI info.

I created a new platoon in an attempt to dominate M1TP2 on the Hard setting. Nope - not proficient enough yet. Got the whole platoon killed on campaign 1, mission 1. I might retry all campaigns on Normal instead until I get better.

Regarding reality vs computer simulations - I recall Ssnake discussing this in the SB1 manual - thereís no way really to compare a computer sim to actual gunnery. You can get close in the hand/eye coordination area only, maybe.

So - from that point of view, none of these sims are truly realistic. All that matters is that youíre enjoying the challenge of beating a program that a team of programmers wrote. So, donít feel guilty for enjoying something as ďunrealisticĒ as Mechwarrior 3 or Armored Fist 1, I donít!

The most fun game for me has always been Armored Fist 1 (1994), FWIW. You can pretend youíre commanding a Company Team of mech and armor and have a pretty good time. And yes, gamers today care a lot about graphics, including my own son. He is perplexed as to why I play old tank games that look crude compared to Call of Duty or some other FPS with beautiful graphics. I explained that itís not about the graphics, itís about getting immersed in defeating the game!!! He doesnít get it. Itís ok, lol!!

Back to M1TP2 - I might try something crazyÖ.since there are 3 different M1TP2 versions that I am aware of, - unpatched, v 1.1, and v 1.2 - I wonder if I would corrupt my fragile Win98 OS if I tried to install all 3 versions in different directories.

Maybe upgrade to 1.1, then install the unpatched version again in a different location. Upgrade it to 1.2, then install the unpatched version yet again in a different directory. Just a thought. I might attempt this when I tire of playing it.

Iíd forgotten how unstable Win98 is! Something like that could easily corrupt the registry and cause blue screens or other odd behavior. I installed Panzer Commander and iPanzerí44 a few days ago and Win98 got them confused with each other. iPanzerí44 ended up having Panzer Commanderís icon associated with it and I couldnít fix it. I was never thrilled with either title so I uninstalled both for now.

More updates to follow on the mission to defeat and dominate M1TP2 with the legacy IBM Aptiva desktop rescue PC!!!!
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