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Default The Readme


Firstly the thank you's:

Albert Monkwarrior Rennes, the creator and leader of the MMP mod, R.I.P Albert.
AKM for the permission to use his work in MMP7 (the skin selection menu).
Published by Lighthouse Interactive
(C) 2007-2008 True Games Publishing Ltd.
(С) 2007-2008 G5 Entertainment AB

PzU Team:

Stevan vasemkiii Vase
Tony Ghost Saw
Jürgen Snorri Mühlbauer
Horst Hodi Diehl
Olaf NSU Binder
Aaron Wyler
Kevin Puff Moffat
Peter Big Grinch Jones
Lucian Q Quatermass
Torsten Blackwatch
Stefan SirDieAlot
Iain BaLrOg Robertson
Luciano Falco B
Jeff Murkz
Anyone I have missed, please contact me.


Create and new install of T34 vs Tiger. If you are a windows 7 user we suggest you install into c:\games\... folder and not the program files folder, which is the default path.

Extract the contents of the zip into the new install, say YES to overwrite... Done.

Windows 7 users, if you have a black screen at launch you will require the dll's from the extracted to the T34 vs Tiger directory ( where the TvsT exe is).


You will require Gameranger to play online with other MMP7 players.

Create a room, wait for you're friends to join, click host. Pick the map, choose you're tank press play.

It is very important that you all have exactly the same version of the game!

Known Issues:

Sometimes you will spawn into the enemy's camp.
We have had the odd invincible tank, usually a T34.
To hear the ambient sounds you will need to go to Single Player choose a side. You will then hear the ambient sounds. Navigate back to the MP screens and play as normal.


We are working on improving TvT and there are still some problems. This is a beta so it is not final. If you are a coder with C++ experience and would like to help out please get in touch.
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