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Old 03-06-19, 01:58 AM   #1
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Default T34vsTiger crashing now that two cores enabled

So it seems for the last decade or so I have been running 3ghz Core 2 Duo on one core. XP Pro 32. Its an old computer I keep for playing 32 bit XP era games. And tonight I tried running a command line I read about that is supposed to enable both cores in XP Pro. And it did indeed work. I see two CPUs in the task manager.

And so I started running through my favourite games to see what I could see. With T34vsTiger All seemed normal till I fired on a Stug. And it crashed to desk top. If I clicked on the icon in the task bar the game will resume after a brief pause in black screen. And the gunner fires in full automatic mode with some weirdness in the sound files.

Anyone encountered this before?

I have not tried disabling the second core. Actually not sure if I can just roll back on that or a reinstall would be needed.
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Old 03-07-19, 07:27 PM   #2
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And then 24 hours later... it worked fine. Hmmm hope its not a hardware issue.

Tried it in windows 10 last night too. Was having trouble till I remembered the Dll files. Then it worked.
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