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Icon1 SH3 2021 Modding Tutorial for GWX3 + MAGUI + lots of Extras

EDIT: It's the 29th of August , 2022. I don't play SH3 anymore and I don't really have time to create more content for it. Lot's of people have commented on my youtube video that some links or mods ain't working. This is very sad to hear but I can't do much about it. I am debating unlisting the video since it seems problematic. We will see. Thank you everyone for giving the video a chance. And I hope I could be of some help.

Halo everyone.

My name is George and I would like to present you all with a comprehensive moding tutorial for SH3 with GWX3 + Widescreen MAGUI + lots of extras that improve realism, visuals, audio, and imersion.

This is a tutorial mainly tailored towards new players. I remember that when I first started moding SH3 it gave me lots of sleepless nights. And while this forum is HUUUUGE it's a little archaic. If you don't know what to look for and where it can be a labyrinth. Another problem is that some of the mods aren't too clear on what they are compatible with or if they are contained in some other mod, so although I claim that my modlist works just fine, it might not be optimal. I trust that anyone who is more experienced than me will point out any such mistakes. As for the senior members of the forum, perhaps this tutorial will help you confirm your thoughts, or shed new light upon them.

Now I would like to defend some of my decisions since quite often people rush to tell YOU how you are SUPOSED to play the game.

So mods number #1 and #2 are H.Sie's fixes and Steibler's Weather Fix respectively. I feel like those are the only 2 mods that are NOT optional. They do a great service to this game and I would like both users know, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Mod #3 is my super mod of choice and that is Greywolves/GWX/whatever. While NYGM for example is hardcore and realistic af, it's not very well suited to the beginner/intermediate player that I am and that many people who will watch this tutorial are. Graywolves provide a very balanced and fun gameplay experience with enough visual upgrades and eyecandy to keep you excited and also with decent enough difficulty.

Mod #4 is MAGUI widescreen version. When I first started I used ARB UI. I wanna say that ARB UI WHEN IT WORKS is ****ing amazing. Superb image quality and very utilitarian. However for me personally it was a bastard to set up and lots of times I had weird issues that I should't have such as the duplicated map glitch ( which is fixable ) and the off center optics crosshair which I could never figure out how to fix. So instead of wasting time fixing stuff I decided to make the switch to MAGUI and spend more time playing. MAGUI is perfect for the job and it's very immersive especially when it comes to planning and executing attacks. The only problem I have with it is that the engine and rudder dials aren't readily available like in other UIs, but there are keybinds for that so that's fine.

All the other mods improve the visuals the sound and the imersion of the game and they are mostly personal taste. Someone might like das boot clothes for example or someone might think rapt0r's are better and so on and so on.

What's more, I didn't show you how to install Commander because it doesn't actually do anything for the game. It's just a career manager. I use it and I love it, but the purpose of this tutorial is to help you bring SH3 up to the standards of more modern titles and Commander does nothing for it. I do recommend everyone plays with Commander though, and it is super simple you just download the executable and install it like any other game. Then run it, couple it with the SH3 root folder, and you launch your careers from it.

If you disagree with the order in which I've activated those mods, or if you think there are conflicts, feel free to let me know why so that both me and any other people who visit this thread know better.

To close this off, subsims are NOT my main games. However I am planning to release some SH 3 tutorials on manual targeting soon so if you don't wanna miss anything subscribe to the channel. Other stuff you can expect from it are racing sim and flight sim content.
El Psy Kongroo

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Krusty Krab
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Good stuff there.

New players will find this very helpful in getting set up.

Good hunting,
Good judgment comes from experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgment.

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Old 10-12-21, 09:26 AM   #3
Sea Lord
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Really Helpful!!! Thank you very much for your initiative!
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Old 12-28-21, 07:26 AM   #4
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Halo my fellow captains
I would just like to say that at the time of posting this video, I have already posted quite a few SH3 tutorials and I am actually uploading another one right now that sheds some light unto the gyroangle and how the green / red tdc functions.
The response to the original video ( the moding tutorial ) has been imense and heart warming, both in the form of viewership and commenting.
If you are a new guy, or maybe something confuses you, take a look at the rest of my tutorials. ( I have an entire playlist )
And make sure to also subscribe to be notified of new SH3 videos. As I have said before, sub sims are not the only sims I play so you can expect more sim content in the near future.
A final big thank you to everyone!
El Psy Kongroo
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Old 12-28-21, 07:32 AM   #5
Onkel Neal
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Excellent. Posted on Subsim news.
SUBSIM - 26 Years on the Web
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This is great and really helpful, especially when you've been away from SH3 for awhile! Thanks for taking the time to make this!
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Old 12-30-21, 02:31 AM   #7
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gmetzo is the new Santa Claus!
This is a really appreciated gift!
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Sailor man
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An absolute gem of a video. Thanks for the help; the game is amazing with h.sie's patch and Stiebler's weather patch and all the other mods; wow great work.
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sh3, tutorial

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