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Onkel Neal
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bullhorn It’s no secret, Germany’s Type 212 sub has cool, new tech

The Germans still making masterpiece underseaboats

In the movie, Hunt for Red October, the Soviet Union launches a new sub with a mysterious new silent propulsion system, called a “caterpillar drive.”

The new technology, revealed in spy photos, leaves it both stealthy and dangerous — a first-strike weapon of the worst kind.

In truth, submarine propulsion is a constantly evolving medium that largely exists in the shadows due to its sensitive nature, Tyler Rogoway of The War Zone reports.

When it comes to submarines, silence is survival, so any way to make a boat quieter and more efficient is seen as potentially revolutionary.

Enter Germany’s new Type 212 submarine, and its odd new propulsor.

Surprisingly, no security measures were taken at the public christening of Type 212 U36, which sported something altogether new — the Propeller Boss Vortex Diffuser (PBVD) — War Zone reported.

Then again, the basic concept behind this technology really isn’t secretive or new as it is also used in commercial applications where increased efficiency even in single digit percentages can mean big fuel savings.

The cylindrical PBVD system sits over the hub of traditional propellers. Its specially machined core works to greatly decrease turbulence that emits from the spinning hub.

This not only cuts down on the propeller’s audible signature, but it also improves propulsion efficiency and thrust.

One of the other factors that contribute to noise levels are propeller blades, which can cause an underwater phenomenon called “cavitation,” where bubbles form along the blade edges and cause noise.
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The 212 is a good boat i have been on the german and italian ones they are small but well suited for their mission, the diffuser well theres been many experiments over the years

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Old 01-28-2021, 07:48 AM   #3
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U32 of the new Type 212A is considered as one of the most advanced submarines to date. I have some documentaries for you guys with more detailed information on this boats. They are in german and sadly there are only automatic translation subtitles available. Who understands a few german terms in regards to u boats should get along with it.


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Norway negotiates the purchase of 4 of those new tubes.
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Old 06-07-2021, 11:37 AM   #5
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Diesel subs are capable and very quiet but in the end a sub is only as good as its crew's training.

I have been experimenting in Dangerous Waters with the Kilo sub operating in small wolfpacks. I think this sort of sub could be somewhat of a threat to nuclear subs. The 688i had trouble detecting the wolfpack. However, the tactics you use are entirely different from nuclear boats, since diesel subs are so slow and they typically do not have towed arrays. But with linked communications, relaying information about the location of contacts helped a great deal to get a firing solution on the nuclear submarine, even if it requires coordinated coms periods every hour or two to share contact data.

Of course, against surface fleets these sorts of subs can be serious threats indeed.

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I would agree that diesel boats employed wildly differently to the nuke boats, the Kilo is very quiet it uses a 50hz floating bus system which is rafted so even the older boats are very quiet and now with the 636.3 and a 7 blade screw makes them more so (around 53db).

Conventional boats weakness is the fact it has to run the main engines, and its that point in which a SSN will sit and wait, the moment you click them on you increase the chances of detection and right then and there is when the ADCAP or spearfish is on its way.

In reality the Kilo is a force multiplier and while I can limitedly take on submarines its mainly designed for ASuW operations.
It is likely these boats will be forwardly deployed to choke points in the event of hostilities and become the first lime almost like a picket line.

Find out about Museum Ships here:

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german submarines , type 212

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