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radar Battle Report - Battle for Straits - Dec 11th, 2016

Yesterday we played the scenario called "Battle for Strait"

TASK: both sides have to provide safe transit for own landing units into disputed area marked by RED CIRCLE (see map)

on BLUE side: me (Type 212), Ghostdog (Type 212), Furia (OH Perry) and CDR (LA FLTI)
on RED sida: Pepe (Udaloy), Grindler (Lada) and Achtachtel (Lada)

We established tasks for ourselves. SSKs went into the middle of the area. LA should speed up and joined our forces. Perry would covered us and did a recon with radars. Unfortunately, CDR was disconnected, and his LA did not take part in the game.
According to our assumption i got my position.

Contacts were everywhere

I used my periscope to gain more information

in the meantime, Furia did a recon and provided data from the battle area. Also his helo was launched. So we started to have better view. Also enemy helo appeared, bur Furia shot him down with SM-1.
Unfortunately, Ghostdog and Grindler were disconnected and AI took control over their boats. Additional to that, Udaloy sunk our Perry with silexes, and I stayed alone in the battle.

I detected silent contact south of my position. I tracked him for a while (S13. When it fired torpedoes, I was sure - that the enemy SSK. On the other side our helo detected another submarine. I launched 3 fishes.

Successfully !!! Both subs were sunk. Later on, the third torp hit an oil rig . I changed course and speed up to take cover under my LST group.

Good timing, because a counter attack had started. Silexes were dropped near my position, and enemy helo was cruising under my head. On the other side I got a linked position of Udaloy, who was attacking me and our fleet. I launched three torpedoes to attack him from two sides. One was going East to the island, two - West to the island.

Additional I launched missiles attack to disturb the Udaloy's defense and gripped the target by my fishes. Successfully

First fish hit the ship, second run a ground, third sunk the Udaloy.

The battle was won

It was very interesting and thrilling game. Thanks everybody for participation and see you next time.

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Old 12-14-2016, 03:15 AM   #2
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Nice report.
BTW when do yo usually play guys? Maybe I will join once. Would be my first time in MP.
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We play mainly at saturday and session starts about 20-22 CET.

Meeting place link: DWLD - Dangerous Waters Link Data (discord channel)


Team Speak of PolishSeamen group:
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Default Grr

I can't believe I missed this event.
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Originally Posted by Sixbreaker View Post
I can't believe I missed this event.
There is another event. Will you miss it again?
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