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Onkel Neal
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radar Get Ready, Russia, China and Iran: America's New Submarine Killer Is Here

Autonomous robo-ships will hunt for submarines sooner than anticipated. On April 7, the U.S. military christened the Sea Hunter, an experimental vessel which is part of the Pentagon’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trial Unmanned Vessel, or ACTUV, program.

At 130 feet in length, the trimaran-shaped Sea Hunter has become the world’s largest unmanned surface vessel and will serve as a test bed for the Navy, assessing the use and capabilities of future unmanned ships.

Sea Hunter, in particular, will practice hunting submarines.

One of the ACTUV project’s goals is to develop an unmanned vessel that, due to an unconventional design and lack of crew, could match the speed of diesel-electric submarines.

During the ship’s latest speed test, Sea Hunter reached 27 knots, or 31 miles per hour — which no conventional submarine can beat.
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Default Good luck USN

I hope this thing works and finds them before they can fire their missiles at the USA someday if war were to ever break out.


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Wonder what happens if it looses a couple of antennas due to bad weather
or something else (boom). I'm sure they thought of that, but I'm just wondering.
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darpa , sea hunter

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