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Originally Posted by PanicEnsues View Post
Greetings SubSimmers!

For the past few months I've been working on a sequel to Crash Dive (something I've been wanting to do for years).

It will still be WWII, but this time in the South Pacific, with the player in command of a U.S. Navy Gato-class submarine. The core gameplay will be very similar to Crash Dive, but with significant improvements.

Below is a partial wish-list of new/upgraded features; some of these are done, some are in progress, and some I have no idea how to accomplish yet:
  • Crew management/assignment
  • Story/campaign mode
  • Detailed damage control
  • O2
  • SJ Radar
  • Land masses
  • Ocean floor/bottoming
  • Ships/sub can run aground
  • Armed cargo ships
  • Enemy torpedoes
  • Enemy aircraft
  • More realistic ship movement
  • Better enemy AI
  • Better ship-to-ship collisions
  • Notification history
  • Weather (clouds, fog, rain, lightning)
  • Time of day (sun/moon cycle)
  • Crew spotting when surfaced
  • Navigational waypoints
  • Upgrading of sub (tech tree)

If you have suggestions/additions/feedback on this list, sound off and let me know! I'm also going to have questions that this community is uniquely suited to answer, so I'll be posting those in this forum.


Sounds great as first game was very playable and had lots of nice touches such as the missions and reallife photos to empathsise the atmosphere. There are numerous games that get the basics down with varying degrees of success, but where nearly all if not all single player submarine games fail is the feeling that your crew are actually real people who are sharing the campaign / boat with you. Silent Hunter 5 did have some very nice touches in this regard and I haven't played Uboat to see how that handles this aspect of things. If you could have a development of your original title but capture that feeling of not being alone onboard with drones and command back at base actually knows your there and communicates rather than just issuing the mission and odd report, you could have a real winner that attracts a wider market. Who wouldn't want that feeling of being part of a crew working together through victories and the hard times.
Also building in the engine room and torpedo bays and the ability to interact - how long before repairs will be done ? For example or patching up damaged battery wiring, could also add to the atmosphere greatly. Main thing is to keep the playability the first one had but draw you in more, in my opinion. Good luck regardless, will follow progress.
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