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Originally Posted by Kelly621 View Post
I remember seeing something about Nautilus42's Kiel Canal Locks mod. I do know that it part of a combination mod for GWX on the 5th page of the Graphics download section here at subsim, but I have no idea if his mod is available separately or that it will work with NYGM....maybe someone else here would know.

Thanks! I found the GWX combination in downloads but can't find standalone Nautilus42 Kiel locks mod.

Edit: I believe I managed to extract GWX and St. Naz. stuff out of it and got it working (to my surprise)...Its not an animated version of locks like in LSH but it still looks really good and is way better than plain estuary-like entrance to canal like in stock version.

Since old Trainer42's files are nowhere to be found I could upload it if it's okay with folks.

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