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May 29, 1943
USS Gato- SS-212
Pearl Harbor
Capt. Ryan Reynolds

5 Navy Crosses, 1 Bronze Star, 1 Purple Heart, and an Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medal fill my wooden medal box. The countless commendation letters, certificates, and letters from congressmen and SECNAV take up a whole shelf in my filing cabinet. I have had an exceptionally meritious and successful career as a sub skipper, having sunk over 400,000 tons of merchant shipping, or so I claim. I have made a name for myself in the departments here, the younger officers envy my position and my success, while the older and more experienced men couldn't give a damn about my medals and the like. The press is constantly contacting me for opportunities to have a war correspondent on my boat, writing papers, and filming newsreels for the public. I have denied all of them, but COMSUBPAC has forced me to accept one, this time I let onboard a young war correspondent who doesn't look like he could survive a day on the sub. He seems eager to learn about my boat and see me and my crew in action. He'll have to learn I can't answer questions while attacking a Japanese Troop Transport.

CINCPAC has personally given me the most challenging mission they could afford: Insert a friendly agent into the Northern Mariana Islands. Ensure his safety and provide him with all the materials necessary for the completion of his mission. Now, that mission, in general, is not hard at all, in fact, my last task on my previous patrol was to insert a spy into a port in the Bungo Suido! I have no reason as to why we didn't get killed by Bungo Pete.

But where the intelligence people selected the drop off to be, 15 6' 48'' N
145 42' 5'' E
, is right in front of the Tinian Island harbor. They could have made me drop him off somewhere else more discreetly but they had to choose right in front of a goddamn harbor! I have to infiltrate the harbor and surface in the dead of night and drop him off. I could get spotted by shore batteries or ships in the harbor, hell, I could even run aground in shallow waters. Yet no matter how stupid or dangerous the mission is, it is my duty to carry it out and support our beloved nation.

I have prepared my will and testament for my wife and daughter here in Pearl if I don't come back. This will be the most dangerous mission I will have to execute, and it is extremely important.

We leave today in 2 hours.

Capt. Ryan Reynolds
Proud Sea Cadet in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

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