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Originally Posted by Von Due View Post
Thanks heaps for the reply, guys. Really appreciated!

So, the negative tank is more to add that little extra, kind of what I believed the trim tank would be for but it must be true then: I got the roles of the trim and the negative mixed up.

For now, my sessions are hidden, for 2 reasons. One is I am learning and my way of doing that must be torture for action hungry guest crew. One station at the time and right now I'm trying to work out how to be a good navigator. 2nd reason is, from my rc sim sessions online some years back, I got used to jerks popping in just to ruin the fun for everybody else so until I have this down well enough not to drive my fellow crew members crazy with my ineptitude, and a mic, so I can join a proper boat somewhere, I'll remain hidden.
Thatís exactly right, the negative tank is to break the surface tension and get the boat under quickly. I completely hear you about trolls ruining things. Itís absolutely imperative that you password protect your lobby if you want to play with others. People in the community are generally very patient and helpful and willing to teach. Neal here also occasionally jumps in with folks to help. I would highly suggest you also join the official Wolfpack discord.
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