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Originally Posted by CommissarStarfish View Post
I've had the game for four days now and I've figured out that I have the most fun as sonar/radio man. I know how to find and zero in on targets but I don't know:
How to find distance to the target
How to find out which way the target is moving
How to calculate target speed
How to calculate target size

If anyone could help me out with one or multiple of these things that would be great.
If you want, you can use this sheet i made some time ago. My sonar-buddy uses it when we play the game. Its basicly a estimation graph that connects the lowest gain with distorsion and the range to the target sound.

I like to play the game with physical tools and sheets, so ive made a high-res maneuvering board that you can print and use aswell.
You can find all the files here:


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