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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
Mixed reviews? Wolfpack has a summary of "Very Positive".

If you're uncertain, just wait until the game is finished. Currently it is in early access, so it is available for people who want to support the development to get a crack at the game before it is finished.
Yes Neal, the fact that it has such positive reviews is why I am interested. The "mixed" part is due to the very fact that it is unfinished. Some feel that it is best to wait. I like to help developers (since I was one myself), but I got stuck waiting (and paying) for many years on DCS modules and still don't know when we'll see something that is really fun to play from them. So I have gotten a little gun shy. Especially after spending all kinds of time trying to get SH3 or SH5 to work (unsuccessfully). I have this feeling that either Wolfpack or UboatSim will be the way to go, though, and that Wolfpack appears to be further along.
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