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Default Version 0.19 - Bots

Hello everyone!

We are now releasing the bot features we've
been working on the past month. The addition
of bots will make the game more
single player friendly by allowing you to control
the U-boat from a dashboard interface.

Bots are activated on a per server basis in
the lobby menu.
To access the bot interface in game, click the
mouse wheel, or press F1-F3 for individual bots.
Bots play crew members that do not have a player.
If a player logs in, the corresponding bot is deactivated. There is no captain bot.

Single Player tutorial

Use the helmsman interface (F1) to set the speed, heading and rudder angle.

The helmsman bot will notify you if the battery level is low.

Helmsman Bot will not switch to Diesels upon surfacing.

The torpedo data computer may be controlled via the helmsman interface.

The hydrophone and the radio are available in the radio man interface (F2).

The radio man bot will notify you of radio messages as well as hydrophone contacts.

The dive officer interface (F3) allows you to set the U-boats depth by entering a desired value. Use the automated quick commands for diving, surfacing, emergency dive and for maintaining periscope depth.

The dive officer bot will notify you if the compressed air supply is low. You must manage the compressed air.

The Dive bot will use the negative tank if you order a crash dive using the right side icon.

If you are already submerged and you order crash dive using the icon, the negative tank is not used.

Patch notes:

Added bots. Press the middle mouse button, or F1-F3 to activate the bot menus.
Added scalable menu cursors.
Added overlay to distance table to make it easier to use.
Added quick encounter option.
Outgoing telegraph messages are now logged.
Added indoor zoom.
Increased time between fired salvo shots to 2.3 seconds.
Added bearing indicator to UZO
Reloading torpedo tubes now depletes compressed air.

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