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Danke, Lehmann and the GWX crew for all your hard work and time (time, and yet more time) spent on it all!!!! You fixed SHIII as the best subsim in its day by a monumental margin as to be a proper paid add-on. I especially enjoyed your GWX Gold manual. A great read!

I have one question, please. Is it true that you have NO connection with Ubisoft with the development of SHV?? You see when I heard SHV was in dev, I had naturally expected that Ubi would've surely brought you into the fold of their ranks and that all the work done on GWX4 up to now had migrated naturally into the official development cycle..?

I hope that you got some sort of recognition or indeed anything from Ubisoft? Everybody knows that you helped boost Ubisoft's sales of SHIV as well as SHIII. I'm pretty sure that due to GWX's fame that a great many of us here bought SHIV with the expectation that GWX4 was surely going to be done at some point in the future. Again, more money for Ubisoft.

So if Ubi hasn't bothered to give you any recognition at all, then I'm not surprised the GWX engines have shut down with no fuel left in the tanks!

Good hunting and all the best in the future!
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