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I've restarted the game and it is indeed the Uclass submarine the culprit of the CTDs. Managed to sink both the minesweeper and the destroyer this time, with the help of the Luftwaffe who distracted the Task Force. Saved right after I sank both ships. Then as I started moving towards Danzig bay, I've picked up the Uclass sub on my hydro, and as soon as it's in range, problems start. All saves within range of the Uclass sub become corrupt, but fortunately the save right after I sank the task force wasn't corrupt. Managed to patrol the bay in a long playthrough, sank another ship, a coal freighter 2900t, then I got the heck out of there and TC'd to 512 moving towards Kiel. Halfway through the journey I saved again and this time it worked, no save game corruption, was able to save and load. Huzzah. Heads up for all new players: avoid that Uclass sub like the plague and never save the game when you're near it. 3rd time within 3 different playthroughs that I've managed to replicate this bug/glitch.
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