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Originally Posted by FPSchazly View Post
Game is looking nice, I'm enjoying following this.

If I may, I think what Herman was asking here is that if a Kitchen, for example, is "destroyed" by a Phalanx, i.e., no longer works as a missile anymore but was blown up close enough to the ship such that its fragments still have a large amount of kinetic energy and could still impact the ship, would the effect of a destroyed missile's fragments impacting the ship be modeled?

Given this has been requested twice now, I'll definitely have to bump up the priority. As it is, a system of complex missile damage is already partly modeled - to the extent that bullets will sometimes (or oftentimes, depending on the missile) merely damage the missile instead of destroying it altogether.

I think I have some ideas on how to implement it more fully. Could also even incorporate the frag model to make even small pieces capable of causing damage to crew or stored helos if they retain enough energy after penetrating the hangar.

Weekly update to come momentarily.
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