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Originally Posted by prozac919 View Post
Anyway, is there a mega mod comparable to SH3 Grey Wolves that you all would recommend? Thanks.
Yes, the newly released Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate Edition.

I've played SH3 since 2005. Began SH4 approximately 3 to 4 months ago with Webster's GFO and up to 45 mods, which was terrific. Switched to the newly released FotRS UE about a week ago. The game plays and feels more authentic to me. With more direction, it moves you around from one patrol area to another in fairly rapid succession.

Please indulge me with my short story:
I'm in an S-boat on my very 1st Career. It's the 4th patrol area of my 1st patrol. Surfaced at 3am, December 24, 1941 in the Lingayen Gulf area, I'm in the path of a lone Destroyer Escort Momi class (1020 tons), quickly dive to periscope depth and sink her with one torpedo at 700 yards. It turns out she's the advance ship of a 14 ship invasion fleet that follows; nine destroyers, one tanker and four capital ships, two of which are battleships. At periscope depth, I track a battleship on sonar and position keeper until I reach a reasonably good firing position. Pop up the scope at 1,000 yards to make a final check and quickly fire all four forward tubes. All hit broadside as I crash dive; crippled and burning, she never sinks. Hunted by 3 destroyers for quite some time as their fleet slowly sails away with the crippled battleship. Reload all four tubes but could not get anywhere near a firing position. The destroyers finally give up as I slither away in the opposite direction. All is quiet on sonar as I surface before daylight on December 25, 1941.

Continuing at periscope depth, 6am on December 26, 1941 still in the Lingayen Gulf area, hydrophone picks up warships dead ahead traveling the same course as before. Another invasion fleet with similar number and type of ships heading right at me. Pop up the scope at 1,000 yards to make a final check and quickly fire all four forward torpedoes into a large European Oiler (10,000 tons). Crash dive to 250 feet and reload my last three torpedoes. After 11 minutes per torpedo to reload, a Kongo class battleship that held way back is now steaming by. All three torpedoes hit but only slightly damage her as she sails on. Hope one of the Manila ports is still open or its south to Java or Australia to reload. Not too bad, 2 ships sunk for 11,000 tons and 2 battleships damaged; 12 torpedoes fired with 12 hits and no duds.

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