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Icon9 CTD Uclass Submarine

Hello there captains once more!

I had started a new campaign with Real Navigation this time with the TWoS mod (without RealNav was just racking up kills and was starting to get boring). I was quite liking it, was doing the first mission in the Baltic, had sunk the minelayer (I cheated there a bit by reloading a couple of times going to be honest) and went into the Danzig Bay and sunk another european medium composite freighter, this time without reloading. Two sunken ships with real nav and without external camera. Was starting to get excited, was returning to Kiel after having being ordered to. Then I came accross a U-Class submarine, probably polish, because it carried no flag but when I ordered my crew to fire at will with the deck gun they started attacking it. This is where the problem starts.

I usually keep two saves, and was about to leave when I was about 2500m from the Uclass submarine. When I tried to come back to the game, it would CTD whenever I tried to reload the game. No biggie I guess, I'll just load the other save shortly from when I sank the freigther. CTD again. Whelp! Let me try the autosave which is 4 mins before the 2nd save. CTD again. Well... does this mean this career is over? I really don't want to start again after having spent 8 hours on this Career... the whole weekend gone... I even tried deleting special.txt from the save files but no good...

And this is not the first time I had problems with the Uclass submarine. When I first started playing again roughly a month ago, I had the exact same problem when I was engaging this Uclass sub in Danzig bay. And the career went to hell because of it, no saves worked, no matter how old... please help! Is there anything I can do to salvage this save? I managed to start a new career just fine with no CTD, but when I try to load any of the other saves.... BAH

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