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Sorry guys for the long time paused to not answer.

At now we had worked so much in the game and improved a lot in the gameplay and gfx. But sadly the community rated the game down. We say thank you to all players who still love Silent Depth, but without your positiv reviews we had no chance to bringing this game foreward.

Silent Depth is the only "real" Submarine simulation game since 2016 for mobile devices. SD is not a arcade like shooter, it has all simulation features that you well known from a PC Game. But it looks like the gamers love to critizise a game in development and rating it badly.

A lot of players wrote us to make a PC Version so we worked it out to bring to game on steam, while saying it is not finished. In the end it was a desaster. If you look on the steam site you know what I'm mean. We wasted our time.

After all i must said it was an experience but we could not turn back time.

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