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Default Suggestion: Instability at Periscope Depth

I think it would be great to make the boat a little more unstable at periscope depth, and well nigh impossible to hold over wind speed 9. The more I play with the wind speeds the more I am starting to think they approximate Beaufort scale winds based on the resulting waves I am seeing. And periscope depth was out of the question over about sea state 7 (where winds are often 9).

Many people complain that the dive officer does not have enough to do and that the role is too easy to learn/perform, and this would be a welcome challenge, the very same challenge that the chief engineer in reality faced when trying to hold periscope depth during an attack. I have read many accounts of skippers screaming down at the chief engineer for letting their scope pop up too high or dunk at a critical time.

The current ability to simply just dive and get a speed estimate even in very rough seas is a massive exploit and needs to change in my opinion.
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