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Thank you for the welcoming
Although I been a member of the site from 2012 this is my first posting.

The making of Canvas Knights has been in the works for about 4 years now, its one programmer who designed and owns the game engine, myself that has done all the 3D and most of the 2D for the planes and some other vehicles and ground objects and all the concepts to the game and a few guys that are on my team that have done 3D, 2D, map making and mission making.

The programmer / game engine owner had to take a extended leave of absence because of some real life things going on with him, so not wanting to leave everyone hanging he made a cut version of the game that only airplane and ground vehicles work so that I could give it out free as beta to anyone that would like to try it out while we wait for the full game to come out that will also include ships, subs and lighter then air vehicles.

The game even being beta is fully modable for airplanes, ground vehicles, maps, ground objects, missions and skins, so we have this free beta that we all can enjoy right now while we wait, also anything that is made for the game while it is beta will still work in the full game as the full game will be nothing more the a EXE update to allow for the other kinds of vehicles said above and the few options settings that have been set and locked for the beta game.

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