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Thank you, I suspected that this was the intent but wasn't sure.

The reason why I'm inclined to consider this inconvenient is that the angle itself is being eyeballed and subject to constant manual adjustment, more so (I contend) than the automatic adjustment will account for. Given that firing at a single target seems to be at least as common, if not more common than firing at multiple targets, I'd rather the angle stay put, thus allowing for finer intentional adjustments. Even for multiple targets, I fear this can be a source of compounding error, whereas individual solutions are less prone to this risk.

Then there's the purely pragmatic argument of this being a videogame in which (unlike IRL) it's very much possible to have the same person man the AP and the TDC. In this case the lag you mentioned absolutely does factor in, and in the worst possible way. This makes me think that the automatic AOB adjustment should at the very least be optional. After all, it's not like the TDC is 100% historically accurate as-is (see torpedo status indicators, time-to-impact indicator).

That being said, I will edit the post above to better reflect the intended doctrine. Thanks.
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