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This thread reminded me about two ideas I had...well still have.

The first is the idea when I was sitting and building a ship models, while watching the news..they had an issue about this new thing 3D printer.

Not so long after came the an online hobbystore where the buyer buy software programs to their 3D printer, where they use their own material to print the parts to their models.

Second idea is so far...impossible I call it reversed 3D.

Simple. Again an online store, a buyer buys a set of cups-Each and one of these cups are then dissolved into atoms...and send wireless to the buyer..
How can I dissolve a solid product, send it and assemble it again, without creating the heat which will occur ??

One day I may get myself one of these 3D printer

Has managed to book a table for four at the Milliways restaurant. Now the problem is.
1. Who wants to join?
2. How do we get there?
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