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Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
The automatic unit composition in the menu maybe better is to be ignored? I choosed "armour" for my force composition, too, what I got was 4 Leopards, 12 Fuchs and a handful of infantry scouts. That is a light, a very olight mechnaised force. "Armour" would mean tank-heavy forces. And that'S what I planned to get when switching both force compsoitions to armour and automatic: a tank battle. Of the maybe two dozen Russian vehiuclkes, half were AD, 3 were T64, the rest were very light APCs on scouting missions - not even BMPs (like there also were no Marders on German side).
The units have a purchase value, that is mostly based on their effectiveness. Sometimes the AutoPurchaser can give you a few "expensive" tanks, instead of a horde of "cheap" ones. Also, it tries to spend all of the purchase points it has, so it can spend the last points for something cheap, like the ZSU-57s. You can adjust how much points can be spent for different categories in the "Combat power allocation" screen before the purchase phase. If you want a realistic force composition I recommend that you pick all units manually.

Artillery and CAS are in the game already. Artillery is purchased by using the +/- buttons. In the setup phase you have to designate the artillery target reference points and helicopter battle positions, and build the obstacles. If you haven't done everything the game enters the proper mode automatically, and basically you just have to start clicking on the map (or select the helicopter flight if the menu is opened).

On-map indirect fire (mortars and such) is controlled in the right-click menu. Select "IF", or use the keyboard shortcuts found in the help screen (press F1).
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