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Originally Posted by Randomizer View Post
Radius in squares. A value of Zero represents the target square alone.

Awesome, thanks Randomizer, really appreciate that.

There is one way to kill subs and that's with mines, I managed to destroy one German sub for the investment of thousands of mines (they set up at Oostende, I mined the Dover Strait and channel entrance where they kept seeming to torpedo my ships sailing through for trade or patrolling from Portsmouth, etc)

I'm hoping that submarines patrolling a square could also sink other submarines (given they travelled on the surface most of the time, and also around 1914-1915 they started giving RN subs deck guns)

It would really still be appreciated if they could do something with those seaplane carriers, maybe given them extended vision of the squares around them or something, I don't know. Otherwise it just seems like waste, this game has so much potential and holds up well even today, it just needs a little investment in cash and time, programmers, etc.

Looking through the data files they also have geo-data for the Black Sea and Baltic Sea so it's clear they intended to expand into that region like they did for Falklands and Coronel, but it just stalled.. I wish someone would make an investment in the game to expand it, fix any major bugs, and give it full functionality.
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