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Originally Posted by jonny_bass26 View Post
Greetings all,
I've recently run into a problem that I appreciate most people will probably not encounter, so maybe no-one knows, but I thought this is as good a place as any to ask.
I've had SH3 (with GWX 3.0 and SH3Cmdr 3.2) for, well, a while, and way too much spare time, so I've managed to rack up 96 different careers to date. No, that's not a typo. Anyway, I recently tried to start career no. 97, dice. The game CTDs every time, about 2 seconds after I select "Career" from the main menu and before I can even click "New Career" on the following screen. If I go back and delete an old career in SH3Cmdr, putting me back on a total of 95, then the new career (which would now be the 96th) works just fine.
So my questions are...has anybody else encountered this? If so, can anybody more tech-savvy than me tell me if it's some built-in limitation of the base game (or GWX, or SH3Cmdr...), or is part of my install slightly duff in some way? It's hardly a burning issue - as you can tell, I've had many delightful hours with SH3, and perhaps this is just life's way of telling me to get out more - I'm just curious more than anything. TIA :-)
I have found that I have crashes if I have too many patrols/saves in an individual career, the best thing to do if you don't want to lose them would be to cut and paste the careers that you don't play regularly into a separate folder so that it doesn't clog up SH3's menus, when you want to play them again just move them back into the Careers folder.
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