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Hi jonny_bass26 Ive never had more the three careers going at once in SH3 GWX but heres a workaround that might work copy your SH3 Career Folder
in your Documents as a master blank one with no Career saves and put it somewhere safe like in another Folder called Uboat Kapitans

1. go to a website called click on the Men lists every Uboat Commander Alphabeticaly so pick five but no more with surnames beginning with A then start those Careers then when those Kapitans have been on their first patrols and are back in port.

2 now the clever bit make another Folder in your Uboat Kaptains Folder called Kaptians A place your SH3 Careers Folder with your first 5 kapitans careers inside that folder now make a copy of your blank careers folder and place it in your documents now fire up your commander mod and create another 5 kapitans with Surnames beginning with B and repeat the steps above for Folders Uboat Kapitans C,D,E,G,H and so on
so you can have 26 folders with five uboat careers in each folder so thats 130 careers active that should be more than enough.

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